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Frequently Asked Questions

Host FAQ

To help host understand Ribbon App and our company culture.

1. Why my account is still pending for review ?

Welcome to be one of us! We have noticed your application regarding applying as a Ribbon host, upon approval, we'd like to ask you to upload a decent and high resolution real person profile picture without a mask, so the user and the host know who you are, and also for better representation, make sure the profile picture is related to your culture activities.


Also a more detailed introduction will help the user to understand you more 🫡😁


If your profile is not successfully approve might due to the reason below:

1. Low resolution picture 

2. Dark environment profile picture

3. Near selfie that is not related to any culture activities

4. Wearing a mask 

5. Cartoon/ fake picture 

6. Sexy picture

7. Short and unclear bio 

8. Inappropriate bio with sexual / violent content 

9. Pictures with other company logo


Recommended profile would be as follows:

1. Bright and clear photos 

2. Preferable outdoor/ fun indoor activities 

3. Decent polite photos

4. Real person photos

5. Half to full body pictures

6. Detail and interesting bio



Looking forward for an interesting profile~

2. Where is the meet up pass ? How to send meet up pass to user ?

Host can easily find the meet up pass button on the top right corner in the chatroom, tap it, set confirmed time and date and time, send it to the user. User will not be able to find the meet up pass in the chatroom.

3. Can I ignore the user that I don't feel comfortable with ?

Yes you can. The purpose of our app chat to meet up design is to let user and host build trust and understand each other before hangout. If there is no mutual trust and understanding between each other, either parties have the right to refuse hangout.

4. How should I react if the user shows disrespect to me ?

You may go to the user's profile / chat room > tap more button on the top right corner > report or block the user. Our team will investigate the user. If the user violates Ribbon's rules and policy, his account may face suspension and legal issues.

5. Why my account is suspended ?

Host's account is suspended due to inappropriate behaviour that violates the rules and regulations of Ribbon App. We've taken this precaution to ensure user's benefit while we make sure that the booking activity doesn't cause harm to both parties.

Account suspended might due to, high meet up cancellation rate, fake profile picture is used, sexual related conversation shows disrespect to user.

8. What are Ribbon's company policy guidelines and rules?

You understand & agree with the company's policy guidelines and rules.


1) No private meeting, all meeting must be held at an open area.

2) RIBBON promotes healthy social activities.

3) No sexual activities.

4) No illegal activities, including the use of drugs.

5) No private arrangement.

The offender may face account suspension and legal issues.

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